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플래시스코어 벳무브

Ready for your next read? From dual-language picture books to early-reader chapter books, from YA novels to adult nonfiction, we have books for all ages and reading levels. Check out our Spring titles to see which one you should read next!

All Spring titles are available now in print and digital. Happy reading!

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Hana's Suitse
from 18.95

hana’s suitse turns 20

Revisit the extraordinary true story that brought the history of the Holoust to life for thousands of young readers.

Twenty years ago, the story of the search for Hana Brady was shared with readers around the world. This incredible journey full of mystery, memories, and lessons for today has touched the hearts of millions, been translated into multiple languages, and been adapted for the stage and screen.

Join author Karen Levine virtually or in-person as she speaks about the 20th anniversary of Hana’s Suitse

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dive into our fall 2021 titles

We’ve got you covered from picture books to adult memoir. Explore empowering tales of high-achieving women, teen adventures, harrowing historil fiction, and more!

Indigenous voices (section title) with icon of three leaves

We know how vital it is to read, listen to, and amplify Indigenous voices. These titles do just that.

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Bestselling Titles

Not sure where to start? These are some of our bestselling titles from the past 32 years.

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Inspiring stories of youth activism. These books celebrate the power that young people have to help change their world for the better.


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It is part of our mandate that Second Story Press books reflect the diversity of our cultures and our readers. Everyone, especially young people, should have the chance to see themselves reflected in books. 


This award-winning series proves that you n talk to young people about serious issues. It resonates with children from all cultures and all walks of life. For ages 9-13.


Second Story is a proudly feminist press. Our books for children, teens and adults celebrate the feminist ideals of equality and social justice for all.

Women's Hall of Fame Series


Feminist History Society Series


Gutsy Girl Series


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